Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses are a safe alternative to glasses – proven over decades of wear by millions of wearers. Our optometrists are experts in all aspects of contact lens care. They utilize the latest in contact lens technology, and offer every type of contact lens available, including:

Contact Lens Services
  • Conventional soft contact lenses
  • Single use (daily disposable) soft contact lenses
  • Soft contact lenses for astigmatism
  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Rigid gas permeable (RGP or “hard”) contact lenses
  • Coloured contacts

Contact lenses have to fit your eye and suit your needs. To start, every contact lens wearer needs a comprehensive eye examination, to determine your prescription and make sure that your eyes are healthy.

Further testing is then required to determine your suitability for contacts. At this point you can discuss your options with your optometrist. Contacts can then be trialled, and your optometrist can assess how well you see with them and how well they fit. It is important that you are trained to properly insert, remove and care for the contacts. Follow up is then required (usually at 2 weeks and then 3 months) to make sure the contacts are working and your eyes are healthy. Annual exams are needed from this point forward.

We offer the advantage of having the fitting and follow up by a doctor. Your doctor’s advice is the most important part of successful contact lens wear.


Teenagers are often excited about (possibly) getting contacts, but their parents may not be sure at what age they will be ready. There is no hard and fast rule, and it has more to do with maturity than age. Contact lenses are a lot of responsibility. If contacts are overworn, or if they are not properly cared for, serious eye infections and inflammations can occur. Teens are usually ready when they have demonstrated maturity in other aspects of their life, often around fourteen.