Caring for Lenses

Caring for prescription lenses is simple if you follow a few rules: keep them clean and keep them safe. This will go a long way to maintaining your eyewear investment for years to come.

Cleaning your lenses

The best way to clean your prescription lenses is to start by rinsing them with lukewarm or cool water from a tap. Then shake off the excess water and spray each lens surface with a spray cleaner. Dry them with a clean, soft cloth, such as a lens cleaning cloth. This method will work on virtually any lens. Tissue paper or paper towels will scratch some lenses, so please do not clean or dry your lenses with these products unless recommended by your lens manufacturer. Never use household cleaners, as they could damage your lenses and your frames.

Storing your glasses

A strong, protective case is a must. A proper case will help keep your lenses clean, prevent scratching, and protect your frame and lenses from impact. Never place prescription glasses in a purse, pocket or bag unprotected.

Be careful

Never set your glasses with the lenses downward. Instead, close the temples and set them frame side down. Never leave them where they will come into contact with chemicals such as cosmetic products. High heat may damage your coatings, so avoid this as best you can.