Frame Maintenance

It is important to have your eyeglass frames properly adjusted and maintained. To see clearly and comfortably, your lenses have to be properly aligned with your eyes. Misaligned frames can lead to blurred vision and eyestrain. Not only will you look better if your glasses are properly adjusted, you will actually see better.

A few tips for caring for your eyeglass frames

Please use both hands when putting your glasses on and taking them off. Hold your glasses by the temples and slide them over your ears when putting them on, and slide them up and off your ears when removing them. This will help to avoid twisting or misaligning your frames.

Take a close look at your frames occasionally. Look in the mirror to see if they are misaligned, and if the nose pads are correctly adjusted. Check for loose screws and worn temple covers.

If you need an adjustment or a repair, have it done professionally. It is very difficult to adjust your own frames, and it is quite easy to break some of the frame parts.

When you are not wearing your frames, store them with the temples closed, frame side down, preferrably in a hard sided case. This will help keep them clean, prevent scratching and protect them from impact.