What to Expect and Remember

Going to the eye doctor? Here’s what to expect, and what to remember.

Remember the following for your next eye doctor visit:

  • Know your medical history and list of current medications.
  • Know your current symptoms and be able to describe them—write them down if necessary.
  • Know your family history—some eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts are hereditary.
  • Know in advance about your particular vision insurance plan, and if a co-pay will be due.
  • Bring your insurance card, identification and method of payment, if necessary.
  • Bring your most recent prescription for glasses or contact lenses-a contact lens check is necessary if you need to reorder your lenses, so wear your contacts if you have them.
  • Bring your corrective eyewear to the exam.
  • If undergoing a test using dilation eye drops, bring proper eye protection, like sunglasses, for after your appointment.

What to expect at your appointment:

  • Please arrive on time to your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we will do our best to accommodate you, but we may have to reshedule your appointment.
  • The entire exam process lasts approximately 1 hour, possibly longer if you are doing additional tests such as a visual field, a dilation, are undergoing a contact lens training or are looking for your new glasses.
  • Parking is now paid by our clinic. When you arrive for your appointment, please register your license plate with a staff member at the front desk. Please do not pay at the parking meter.
  • You may be asked to schedule a second appointment to complete part of your examination, such as a diabetic dilated fundus exam, routine dilation, visual field, or contact lens fitting and/or training.

If you are experiencing an eye emergency report immediately to:
Royal Alexandra Hospital
Emergency Department
10240 Kingsway Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 3V9