Optomap® Retinal Imaging

Optomap Image 1

Early signs of disease can be present in the periphery of your retinas and remain undetected using tradition eye examination techniques. The Optomap® retinal imager is an ultra-widefield imaging device that captures more than 80% of the retina. Dr. Gilbertson & Associates have adopted this technology; during your appointment, a technician will take an image of your eye and your doctor will review this information with you allowing you to see exactly what your doctor sees.

The process is comfortable and non-invasive. The technician will ask you to look into the device one eye at a time, a gentle flash of light let’s you know that an image has been taken.

Benefits of Optomap® Retinal Imaging:

Optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging
  • early detection of retinal disease and other intraocular conditions to help prevent vision impairment or blindness
  • regular monitoring of the retina for side effects from conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • captures more than 80% of the retina whereas traditional methods capture only 15%
  • a permanent record of your retina is stored in your file, to compare results from exam to exam

Regular eye exams are recommended as early detection means successful treatments can be administered, reducing the risk to your sight and health. Optomap® imaging is now included in our general examination for patients not covered under Alberta Health Care (those aged 19 to 65), and is optional for those 18 and younger or 65 and older.